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Top 37 Things The Internet Does To Make Me Mad

The World Wide Web has been chock full of annoying crap since it’s inception. There’s no doubt about that. You may even see some of it right here on this page. If it isn’t my content, it’s the ads: none of them are mine. I didn’t select them, they aren’t representative of my opinions, and certainly aren’t promotional on my part. They’re just plopped here by the hosting company without my approval. And while ads are annoying, it seems likely that we may have to accept them as a necessary evil.

But what about the way that ads are presented? Is there no decency? Does every tactic have to be used to try and confuse people into looking at and clicking on advertising they don’t want to see? And do publishers and site owners have to collude to make sure their audience has this junk crammed down their throat? Are websites waging a war on our enjoyment of the Internet? If the items on this list are any indicator, the answer is yes.

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