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The Ovo Experience

Went to see Ovo on Sunday. It’s the latest Cirque Du Solei show to hit Boston. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. Some of the action is downright jaw dropping and some of it makes you wish you had armrests to grip because even though there’s safety equipment, at times it just looks like someone’s career could end if they made a misstep. That being said, I’ve never seen a more confident and athletic group of performers. Yes, this was my first Cirque show.

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Caught Jazz-Handed

Every now and then I’m known to break out into what a very small number of people would call dancing. This isn’t a predictable phenomenon; the conditions under which it occurs vary widely. The result is generally the same. Half of my audience is amused and the other half feels awkward. Today was no different.

We decided that despite the cold and the wind, the sun was too tempting to avoid and it was a good decision because we had a great time. The Outer Cape is a nice place to spend an afternoon walking, hiking, or biking. It’s also a great place to dance in the woods. So I did.

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