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Top 10 Cape Cod Pubs and Eateries

Cape Cod is not only an excellent place to go for a vacation, but it’s an excellent place to go to get a bite to eat. I’ve heard people say that there’s nowhere to eat here. I’ve heard people say that there’s nothing to do here. I disagree with both of these statements. Here are ten reasons why…

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A Frugal Fellow Fills Freezers

I just discovered something all over again. It’s a tidbit I was confident about already but in my preparations for Hurricane Sandy it became abundantly clear once more: A full freezer stays cold longer and conserves energy.

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St. Germain Makes Things Taste Good

Very basic product plug here. St. Germain French Liqueur makes things taste good. It has a peculiar taste that the American palette has little experience with: elderflower blossoms. There aren’t that many foods here in the United States that have an elderflower flavor. At least not that many that this guy knows of. So what I’m saying is…you have to try it. Here are some St. Germain cocktails which are delicious.

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