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Did I Just Sell an iPad to a Stranger?

I’ll start this story by saying that if I had the funds, I would’ve bought a gross of iPads by now, and they’d be wallpapering the inside of my house; one for each bathroom, one for the bedside table, one on the kitchen counter. You get the idea. But, as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the first part of that statement, I don’t have the funds. That didn’t stop me from meticulously putting the twin iPads set up in The Mac Express through their paces.

Before I could kick the tires I had to wait a few minutes. There was a line to use the iPad. Not an organized affair but a group of people pretending to browse casually for various screen protectors and charging adapters. When the iPad’s previous user walked away with a practically medical-induced grin on their face, the “casual browser” would take their shot at acting surprised that there was an iPad sitting in the store free for the touching. Continue reading