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Sandy Claws

Here on the East Coast we just got a taste of something extraordinary: a open-handed slap from mother nature. It’s hard to prepare yourself for something worse than this, but I’m afraid we all have to.

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Tomorrow is Friday! 91% Care!

Thursday is done and tomorrow is Friday! But I think just about 9% of Americans won’t be excited they don’t have to work on Saturday.

“Hey man, any plans for the weekend?”

“Yeah, actually. Just going to have a funeral service for the American Dream. You?”

“Thanks man. Now I feel guilty for writing this entire blog post.”

I think that same 9% is going to be laughing at the other 91% on April 15th when they mail their check for $0 to the IRS.

But then again the other 91% could still afford Internet access to E-file so who’s laughing?