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Fish Parade

As a follow-up to my previous post, Fresh Fish, I created a second, shorter time-lapse, which was filmed from a different location in Stony Brook. Just for the sake of differentiation, I named this one “Fish Parade”. The music is a wholly different creation altogether, and was an attempt at forming sound from the visual of the fish swimming in a tight circle. In it, a tone rises gradually over a pulsating beat, that I felt was reminiscent of the increasing urgency of their task. A basic arpeggio represents the many fish, each with their own survival at stake, but uniform in their course. Or maybe I’m just making this up as I write it. You be the judge.


Fresh Fish

Every year a spring migration of alewives takes place in rivers and streams along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. A charming mill village named Stony Brook in Brewster, Massachusetts plays host to such an event. During a recent visit there, I filmed the short (and blurry!) time-lapse below. I created an optimistic and rhythmic piece of music to accompany the video, that I felt was reflective of the nonchalant pace at which these intrepid fish move up stream. Predatory gulls lurk at the water’s edge, and yet they swirl carelessly in large pools like the one pictured as though it’s a commute to work. Enjoy!