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No It DOES NOT Beg The Question

There’s a lot of phrases I hear that make my brain boil. I don’t know what it is. Part me of knows there’s no right and wrong in our subjective universe, and that life is art. Another part of me just wants things to be the way they SHOULD be. That part of me wins a lot of the time. I just found a site about the logical fallacies, and boy does it give that part of my brain some ammo. Which logical fallacy is yours?

P.S. It *raises* the question.


Top 10 Cape Cod Pubs and Eateries

Cape Cod is not only an excellent place to go for a vacation, but it’s an excellent place to go to get a bite to eat. I’ve heard people say that there’s nowhere to eat here. I’ve heard people say that there’s nothing to do here. I disagree with both of these statements. Here are ten reasons why…

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Top 10 Pieces of Video Evidence of Ghosts

Last year I wrote a top ten list of reasons why ghosts don’t exist. In my opinion, all of the logic I used in that post is sound. But this year I decided to dig into the opposing viewpoint. Let’s assume it was even remotely possible to have real evidence of something that doesn’t exist. And let’s further assume that we live in a world where there’s an overwhelming amount of that sort of evidence. Specifically, video evidence that ghosts do exist. If we lived in that world, what would the best examples be? Here are ten of them.

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The Name Game

This is a list I came up with. It’s a bunch of names I came up with for some things. That just sounds so tantalizing that I could barely finish writing it…

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