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FCC Chairman To Fight In Court For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality, the concept that Internet Service Providers should only be permitted to sell completely unfiltered, unthrottled access to the Internet, has been a hot topic for a few years now. The future of the idea has looked bleak for some time. But that may be changing.

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What Will Replace Passwords?

I’ve been experimenting with some alternative password management schemes lately, which got me to thinking: what will replace passwords? They’ve been around a very long time, and yet remain largely unchanged as a mechanism, despite their ubiquity. They’re a little like toilet paper: they’re antiquated, they’re a pain in the ass if you use them too often, and they usually aren’t strong enough. Think of all of the things that have advanced so much in society over the last one thousand years, and passwords are still just some junk you remember. So what can be done about the fact that the only thing protecting out secrets is only as good as toilet paper?

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Google Fiber Rollout Becomes Real

Like many bandwidth-starved American nerds, I’ve been following the rollout of high-speed fiber-optic networks across the United States relatively closely. These networks are generally designed to be scalable long into the future, offering increased bandwidth as optics technology improves and demand rises. However, the data shows that the demand for faster networks in the United States already exists. And while this county has the world’s largest economy, it seems as though we truly are behind the curve if the Google-powered fiber-optic broadband network launched in Kansas City, Missouri has turned so many heads.

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