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The iPhone 4S: Why I Pre-Ordered One

A while back I wrote about the iPhone 5 and asked the question, “Why don’t I have one?” Well I still don’t have one but I did pre-order the next best thing. the iPhone 4S. No, it isn’t the iPhone 5, which apparently doesn’t exist yet. It’s something quite different. It’s a much-advanced version of it’s predecessor with a great horsepower boost in the form of the A5 processor, and a camera with significantly better specs than those of the iPhone 4.  That isn’t all of the new features, but it represents the reason why I made the purchase.

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iPad 2 Too?

Proud iPad owner. It’s a great thing to own. I use it for at least three or four hours every day. Far, far easier to surf the web with (amongst other things) than a desktop computer or any of the other portable computer form factors. So why on Earth would I need another one?? iPad 2. That’s why.

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