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A Frugal Fellow Fills Freezers

I just discovered something all over again. It’s a tidbit I was confident about already but in my preparations for Hurricane Sandy it became abundantly clear once more: A full freezer stays cold longer and conserves energy.

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Sandy Claws

Here on the East Coast we just got a taste of something extraordinary: a open-handed slap from mother nature. It’s hard to prepare yourself for something worse than this, but I’m afraid we all have to.

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Top 10 Reasons Ghosts Don’t Exist

Like violent videogames, pornography, or gambling, Halloween seems like it might satisfy an innate human need to experience the entirety of the emotional spectrum. Everyone wants to push it to the limit on Halloween, all while still knowing that they’re safe. Perhaps that’s why people “believe” in ghosts. They know deep down inside that they can’t be possible, but they want that feeling of awe and wonderment that’s been missing since someone first told them that Santa or the Tooth Fairy existed. Or that one day they could be president.

So with that bit of depressing cynicism, I decided to write a list of reasons why I believe that ghosts cannot, do not, and will never exist.

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The Bad Kind of Pandemic

My wife and I recently saw Contagion. At times this film was a bit spooky, as any realistic depiction of population-destroying virus should be. Brooding electronic music paired with a montage of empty streets and uncollected garbage gave me a sense of what the world would look like if the fragility of civilization were tested. Each scene is a vignette of the increasingly dire situation each character faces, and the consistent tempo makes the struggle palpable. Nobility wins the day, however, as sacrifices are made and lives are saved.

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Another Summer, Another Storm

The drama of preparing for a hurricane is something that most people experience indirectly; it’s presented by someone in a suit sitting behind a desk and followed up by sports highlights. Living in an area where the preparation is ocurring is a different matter entirely.

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