Sandy Claws

Here on the East Coast we just got a taste of something extraordinary: a open-handed slap from mother nature. It’s hard to prepare yourself for something worse than this, but I’m afraid we all have to.

There’s no question in my mind that the public safety officials and meteorologists handle this storm with utmost professionalism. The accuracy of their predictions is admirable. But why are people still stranded in their homes along the coastline? Why are New York’s subways filled with water? Why don’t we have underground utilities in more densely populated areas?

If the answer to all of these questions is cost, to me that simply isn’t good enough. With an economy that needs jobs more than anything else, and with so many important elements of disaster preparedness left unfunded, taking care of the former with the later seems like a no-brainer. Can we afford billion-dollar losses from events like this? Can we afford to be the laughing stock of the world when our largest cities are paralyzed by power outages? Let’s get it together here folks…


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