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Text Me

If you’ve ever called me, and I didn’t answer, don’t take offense. I don’t like the phone. If I want to speak to you, I’d rather do it face-to-face. If I want to communicate with you, I’ll do it however is most convenient.

Years ago, the way to communicate with someone when you couldn’t (or didn’t want to) do it in person was to send a letter, or send someone to say the words for you.

After that we invented the telegraph. You could talk to someone without writing a letter or going to see them. Note that people didn’t stop writing letters.

Then they invented the phone and the radio to speed up communication. This was a great success, but being able to put your thoughts in writing carefully ahead of time were still not replaced.

Along came the Internet. Finally, instant communication with the benefits of radio and letter writing combined. I no longer need to speak to someone face to face, and they no longer need to wait a week to hear from me. We still write email instead of using Skype or FaceTime.

Don’t call me. It’s a waste of time. Not because I don’t like your voice, but because your words are easier to respond to when they’re written down. Honestly, when people are talking to me, my mind wanders to the next topic. Speaking is slow, like hand-writing things. And I’m bad at it. Give me a second to collect my thoughts and maybe I won’t sound like such a jerk.

That is all.

Unidentified Flying Object Filmed Over Denver

In this short video from KDVR in Denver, CO, an object that is being dubbed a “UFO” is seen zipping around in a strange and unpredictable fashion. A fashion totally unlike traditional air traffic. What could it be? Read on to find out.

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The Face of Human Perception

The human brain does some amazing things. And some things that don’t make a lick of sense. I found this abstract on Reddit and I thought it was nonsense until I watched the attached movies. Not only does this blow my mind it makes me wonder if my brain even works to begin with. Read on for the YouTube version, which is a different twist on the same series of images,

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Top 10 Pieces of Video Evidence of Ghosts

Last year I wrote a top ten list of reasons why ghosts don’t exist. In my opinion, all of the logic I used in that post is sound. But this year I decided to dig into the opposing viewpoint. Let’s assume it was even remotely possible to have real evidence of something that doesn’t exist. And let’s further assume that we live in a world where there’s an overwhelming amount of that sort of evidence. Specifically, video evidence that ghosts do exist. If we lived in that world, what would the best examples be? Here are ten of them.

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Sandy Claws

Here on the East Coast we just got a taste of something extraordinary: a open-handed slap from mother nature. It’s hard to prepare yourself for something worse than this, but I’m afraid we all have to.

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