The Face of Human Perception

The human brain does some amazing things. And some things that don’t make a lick of sense. I found this abstract on Reddit and I thought it was nonsense until I watched the attached movies. Not only does this blow my mind it makes me wonder if my brain even works to begin with. Read on for the YouTube version, which is a different twist on the same series of images,

Here’s a fun trick a doctor could play:

He or she sits a concerned patient down with these videos and say, “Do any of the faces in this sequence appear strange, or distorted to you?”

And invariably, when the patient frowns and says, “No…uh…they look fine…”, the doctor could lower his clip board, look down over the rims of his glasses and say, “Are you absolutely sure? One of the symptoms is chronic denial of altered facial recognition.”

And they’ll say, “Wait…symptoms or what?”

A dab of the brow with the sleeve and a dismissive, “Oh uhhh…It’s nothing, I’m sure you don’t have it. It’s very rare.”

Then the doctor rushes out of the room quickly, telling the patient he’ll be right back because they have to get another pen. He or she comes back in wearing a face mask. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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