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Melancholia or Treat

I just finished watching the film Melancholia. I’ve never seen anything that captures genuine depression quite so perfectly. Perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for Halloween, but that’s neither here nor there. Summarized: a previously unknown celestial body crosses the orbit of our planet and makes people feel very existential.

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A Frugal Fellow Fills Freezers

I just discovered something all over again. It’s a tidbit I was confident about already but in my preparations for Hurricane Sandy it became abundantly clear once more: A full freezer stays cold longer and conserves energy.

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Sandy Claws

Here on the East Coast we just got a taste of something extraordinary: a open-handed slap from mother nature. It’s hard to prepare yourself for something worse than this, but I’m afraid we all have to.

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Top 10 Reasons Ghosts Don’t Exist

Like violent videogames, pornography, or gambling, Halloween seems like it might satisfy an innate human need to experience the entirety of the emotional spectrum. Everyone wants to push it to the limit on Halloween, all while still knowing that they’re safe. Perhaps that’s why people “believe” in ghosts. They know deep down inside that they can’t be possible, but they want that feeling of awe and wonderment that’s been missing since someone first told them that Santa or the Tooth Fairy existed. Or that one day they could be president.

So with that bit of depressing cynicism, I decided to write a list of reasons why I believe that ghosts cannot, do not, and will never exist.

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The iPhone 5: Why Don’t I Have One?

Do you live under a rock? Are you Amish? Is it 1998 where you’re reading this? Those would be reasons why you don’t know about what’s coming. The iPhone 5 is coming. That’s what. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. The line of iOS products has taken over the consumer electronics industry. They’ve set the bar for customer satisfaction and brand recognition. They’re destroying all comers in mind-share and in functionality. And they’re making hordes of Android fans furious, every time their name is brought up. Specifically because people like me keep talking about them as though they’re a way of life and not just a piece of Chinese plastic. I understand their pain.

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