iPad 2 Too?

Proud iPad owner. It’s a great thing to own. I use it for at least three or four hours every day. Far, far easier to surf the web with (amongst other things) than a desktop computer or any of the other portable computer form factors. So why on Earth would I need another one?? iPad 2. That’s why.

Thinner. Lighter. Faster. If you needed any other reasons to get the latest version of something, you probably aren’t American. I recognize the fact that this is a fault we have as a consumerist nation, but I refuse to believe that we should deny ourselves the very basic squirrel-like activity of hoarding objects that bring us joy. Nobody yells at art collectors or people who stock up on baseball cards. Those things just sit there and collect dust. But noooooo… the second you throw in a 9.7 inch LCD screen, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, 10 hours of battery life, and the most amazing touch-sensitive user interface in existence, it’s suddenly a reason to feel guilty!

When Christmas approaches, visit the forest and you're sure to find a few of these puppies in old stumps and under leaves, as the squirrels forgot them there.

You know you want two...

Let’s look at this from an employment perspective! How many jobs does one painting make? A dozen? Five? One? Conversely, there are 1,000,000 well-compensated Chinese workers manufacturing more than 75,000,000 iOS-powered Apple devices every year. Heck, I’d say that dropping $499 on art instead of an iPad is actually a slap in the face of this struggling economy.

In all seriousness, let’s just embrace this gadgetry and stop pretending we’re just now transitioning into the digital age. I’m quite tired of that sentiment because it’s so far from the truth. That horse has left the barn! The ship has sailed! We’re all connected, whether we like it or not, to the great human hive-mind. It transcends language, gender, race, religion, and every other artificial or natural hurdle you can throw at it, and it’s got a life of it’s own already. When will the machines take over the world? THEY ALREADY DID.

So just relax, and go get yourself an iPad 2 the first chance you get. You won’t regret it.


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