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My Music

For the last several months I’ve been working on some music. It’s a weird collection of stuff, but I think some of it is worth a listen. It’s primarily electronic and almost 99.9% instrumental, with just a few vocal samples thrown in. I believe my favorite piece is Traces, which is a 17 minute ambient piece I composed using sounds I recorded in nature.

song cover artwork

The cover for Traces, my first piece of ambient music.

None of this work is “mastered” in any way, and much of it is simply a work in progress that I’m satisfied with for now. Maybe someday an expert could help me turn this into something even more than that, but for now, it’s a very relaxing form of artistic expression that makes me feel creative.

I hope you like it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

Check out the playlist for my “album” Future Null Infinity over on SoundCloud and feel free to leave some comments, here, there, or both!

Here’s the link to my SoundCloud page if you just want to check out the whole thing at once: https://soundcloud.com/duositex


Dr. Questlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vinyl

Ever pick up an old piece of technology that seems so obsolete that you feel sad it even exists? Well that’s exactly how I don’t feel when I flip through vinyl in a record store or drop that beautiful black platter onto the turntable. Someone had me convinced that there’s no room for this junk in the average Joe’s entertainment system. Whoever they are, I wish I had missed that conversation with them because I can’t get back the 15+ years of music listening/purchasing I did while passing over some excellent, excellent stuff.

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The Ovo Experience

Went to see Ovo on Sunday. It’s the latest Cirque Du Solei show to hit Boston. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. Some of the action is downright jaw dropping and some of it makes you wish you had armrests to grip because even though there’s safety equipment, at times it just looks like someone’s career could end if they made a misstep. That being said, I’ve never seen a more confident and athletic group of performers. Yes, this was my first Cirque show.

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