The Name Game

This is a list I came up with. It’s a bunch of names I came up with for some things. That just sounds so tantalizing that I could barely finish writing it…


Why don’t they sell the two most popular condiments mixed together in one bottle? Here’s why:

ketchup + mustard = chuptardmusket

Thus a pattern is born: A B + C D = B D C A where each letter is one part of each word. But what does it all mean?? I’ll show you.

reindeer + potroast = deerroastpotrein

Bad example. Let’s try again.

salamander + hibiscus = manderscushibisala

Woaaahhh there’s a winner. Didn’t see that coming. I believe Manderscushibisala is a small island in the South Pacific known for its amphibians and flowering bushes.

helicopter + tornado = copteradotornheli

Sweet porch pirates, that’s a good one. Sounds like the name of an Italian F1 driver with a reputation. “Yeah you heard about crazy Copterado Tornheli. They say he crushes oiled watermelons with his buttocks.”


I spent some time trying to decide what my DJ name should be and I came up with a few ideas. Let me know what you think.

  • DJ Nemo’s Wardrobe
  • DJ Buel Ferrisera
  • DJ Percent ABV
  • DJ Manderscushibisala (Bonus points for recycling?)
  • DJ Dutch Elm
  • DJ Decimal Dewey

Why begin with “DJ”? Let’s throw some z’s in there.

  • Cardigan Beatz
  • Hula Loopz
  • B Zquared
  • Zuul Gozer

Ok enough of that. How about something more trendy…

  • Lil’ Income
  • Lil’ Junk
  • Lil’ Bruce Wayne
  • Lil’ Apartment

Alright now for my favorites in ascending order…

  • DJ MP3
  • DJ Snorkle Talk
  • DJ Bailout
  • DJ Mercedes Benz Over
  • DJ Bitchard Ransom

And last but best:

DJ Butterscotch Crimes

Update: November 4, 2012. Originally I had this published as a page, but that doesn’t seem to make any sense. I’ve republished it as a post with the original date intact. Just in case you care.


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