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We’d Better Get Home

I just popped open my DAW and found I had basically finished a song without realizing it. Without further ado, here is Get Home, from my album FNI. I hope you enjoy it!

The world is a scary place. We should get home.

The world is a scary place. We should get home.

My Music

For the last several months I’ve been working on some music. It’s a weird collection of stuff, but I think some of it is worth a listen. It’s primarily electronic and almost 99.9% instrumental, with just a few vocal samples thrown in. I believe my favorite piece is Traces, which is a 17 minute ambient piece I composed using sounds I recorded in nature.

song cover artwork

The cover for Traces, my first piece of ambient music.

None of this work is “mastered” in any way, and much of it is simply a work in progress that I’m satisfied with for now. Maybe someday an expert could help me turn this into something even more than that, but for now, it’s a very relaxing form of artistic expression that makes me feel creative.

I hope you like it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

Check out the playlist for my “album” Future Null Infinity over on SoundCloud and feel free to leave some comments, here, there, or both!

Here’s the link to my SoundCloud page if you just want to check out the whole thing at once:

Adobe Creative Cloud and the New Renaissance

Adobe has always lead the industry when it comes to graphics software. Photoshop is the defacto standard in image editing, to the point of being a verb. Their video editing software, Premiere, and their vector graphics editing tool, Illustrator, are equally as influential in their respective markets. But Adobe’s software has always been expensive. A suite of their products can set you back $1,500 to $2,000 easily. The result has been rampant piracy of the software among those who refuse to plunk down a month’s pay for some bits and bytes. The lost sales must be incalculable; the damage to Adobe’s bottom line, irreparable. Or is it?

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Top 5 Reasons Minecraft is the Best PC Game Ever

Everyone knows Minecraft at this point. Everyone has tried it and you either love it or you don’t see the point at all. I’m one of the former. This game has me hooked for some reason, and when I tried to figure out why, it took me a while. What’s so fun about a game with no plot, no characters, no specific enemies, and only one level? This is the list of reasons I came up with.

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Minecraft 1.4.4 Released

More features? More fun? You bet. The latest version of Minecraft was released today, and fans can rest assured that Herobrine was removed again. Somehow he keeps sneaking back in there. Below is an abbreviated list of changes derived from the excellent coverage over at the Minecraft Forums, as well as the version history of the Minecraft Wiki for more.

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