Shelves From Mr. Bean

I need to build some shelves in my basement. There are several important tools you need to complete such a project. At least, that was my approach until watching Mr. Bean modify his apartment with fireworks and a drill. Do you really need the right tools for the job? Probably. Should you do some research first? It could save you a lot of trouble. But Mr. Bean taught me that you have to draw the line quickly between thinking and doing, or else overpreparation can prevent the task from getting done.

What do I have now? Fantastic drill…check. Superb circular saw…check. Space to build shelves in…check. Time to build shelves…check. Sounds like things are really coming together on this! But wait! Here comes Dr. Devil In Details to sap motivation away from our protagonist! He attacks psychologically with a riddle: How does one get 8 foot timber into a Honda Civic? Blast! Damn you Dr. Details! As soon as I figure that one out, those shelves are toast. What’s that, Mr. Bean? I should just let them hang out of the car? Hmmmm… I could be persuaded to enroll in that school of thought, you strange semi-mute little man.

You heard Bean. We’re comin for ya Dr. Details.

Note to self: pick up a blade for that saw.


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