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Best KI Stream Out There

I don’t play Killer Instinct and I don’t own a PS4, but go check out the KI stream from PaulB over at It’s a great crowd to chat with and the game is awesome to watch. Plus you get to watch Paul break down the game with surgical precision. Much of his analysis and advice applies to any video game genre, never mind the fact that a lot of it s relevant to self-help in general. You get to watch him take Sabrewulf to a new level!


No It DOES NOT Beg The Question

There’s a lot of phrases I hear that make my brain boil. I don’t know what it is. Part me of knows there’s no right and wrong in our subjective universe, and that life is art. Another part of me just wants things to be the way they SHOULD be. That part of me wins a lot of the time. I just found a site about the logical fallacies, and boy does it give that part of my brain some ammo. Which logical fallacy is yours?

P.S. It *raises* the question.